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Bluegrass Situation Song Reveal: "Worlds Apart" (Featuring Darren Nicholson)

LISTEN: SONGS FROM THE ROAD BAND, “WORLDS APART” (FEAT. DARREN NICHOLSON) BY BGS STAFF Apr 26, 2023 Artist: Songs From the Road Band Hometown: Asheville, North Carolina Song: “Worlds Apart” (Feat. Darren Nicholson) Album: Pay Your Dues Release Date: April 28, 2023 Label: Lucks Dumpy Toad Records In Their Words: “‘Worlds Apart’ was written on April 2, 2020. I think the whole world was dealing with isolation and loneliness at this time. Covid was a new thing and it felt like the world was shutting down. Although some of these feelings surely motivated the title, the song itself deals with the loneliness found within a relationship that has changed. “The singer in this song finds himself isolated from the person he loves. They’ve grown apart and nothing he does can rekindle their love. It truly is one of the saddest situations a person can find themselves in and be forced to cope with. While in ‘shut down,’ Darren Nicholson and I easily penned over 20 songs together, maybe more. I feel like we were really hitting our stride with this one. (Read more below the video player.)

“Songs From the Road Band has a history of incorporating guests into their studio albums. We were a recording band starting in 2006 with our first release, Songs From the Road. We transitioned to being a touring band in 2018 when the founding members were able to put the band on the road full time. Sticking with the tradition of incorporating collaborators, Darren Nicholson handles the lead vocals on ‘Worlds Apart.’ Mark Schimick and Sam Wharton absolutely nail the harmonies on this ballad and it is reminiscent of the stylings of some of the greatest bluegrass harmony bands of all time. Think Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver or IIIrd Tyme Out. The band is incredibly proud of this track and it sits in a nice place in the track order of the new album, Pay Your Dues.” — Charles Humphrey III, Songs From the Road Band “The title in itself describes a place we’ve all been. When you find yourself sitting next to someone that once you were close to and over time you find that you’ve drifted apart. Or discovered that they’re not the person you thought they were all along. This can be quite painful and unsettling. The reason I love music and writing with Charles is because he’s willing to dig deep on a lot of the human subjects that some folks shy away from. But in my opinion these are the only things that are really worth writing about. “I’m so excited that the band chose to record this song and asked me to be a part of it. I always thought it was special and would find a home. My songwriting with Charles and a few others has been a big catalyst in my reignited passion for music. It’s part of the reason that I’m choosing to record and write my own songs now and tour with my material. Surrounding yourself with the right people will inspire you. My hope is to keep milling out songs with Charles and sharing music like this. I hope you all enjoy.” — Darren Nicholson Photo Credit: Keith Wright

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