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New Music Coming Soon!

The band has another single coming out April 23. It will be delivered to radio early April. Please start requesting it wherever good bluegrass is played!

Guitar & lead vocal - Sam Wharton

Mandolin & tenor vocal - Mark Schimick

Fiddle & baritone vocal - James Schlender

Banjo - Gabe Epstein

Bass - Charles Humphrey III

“Standing out on the field at a festival in Florida, I thought about how perfect everything was. The moon out, campfires glowing and smelling so good, and music pouring off the stage swirling around the trees and loyal listeners. My former boss Larry Stephenson has a little saying whenever we would head towards a festival: “Get Me Where I’m Going!” So thankful to have co-written with my friends Charles Humphrey III and Tommy Maher.” -       Nick Dauphinais

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With talents like Sam Wharton on guitar and vocals, Mark Schimick on mandolin, James Schlender on fiddle, Gabe Epstein on banjo, and Charles Humphrey III on bass, the anticipation for the new music is real! Can't wait to listen and groove along! 🎸🎻🎤 Learn more about the resident advisor promotion here:

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